The reason why I started this coding challenge just now is that today started the Season of Habit in Get Messy .

I am now part of the Get Messy art journaling community for nearly exactly three years, since the 6th of September 2016. Since then I have filled many art journals about different topics, mostly working along the “seasons” of Get Messy: For two month all the artists in the community explore a specific topic. This can be by experimenting with tutorials from members or even by collaborating in each others journals.

I met so many fascinating people in this group and I definitely wouldn’t have made so much art (and mess) without them.

So today’s code art is a Thank You – an imitation of the season announcement that participating artists can post in their Instagram feed. I tried to copy it as good as I could. But especially the little yellow arrows in the upper left corner were a real challenge. It is so easy to just scratch them on paper with a pen- but don’t dare to program them! Half of them is coded using a for-loop, but I had to fake the first and last row of them by hand to achieve the asymmetrical look.

See for yourself.