Summer for the Ants

Did you know that ants have more hours per day in Summer than in Winter? When it gets warmer an ant is able to increase its speed so much (and keep it up) that it gets much more done. So it’s like they have more hours.
Imagine that for yourself. What would you use these hours for? Who would you hide your time secret from?

Today I was already experiencing the normal life of a programmer – everything takes more time and in the end you can’t get it finished on one day.

So instead of the project I had planned for today I modified a little fun project I did two days ago. I was relearning nested for-loops to get a grid of shapes. Actually like the very first code on this blog ( the colored rows of bats). But I wanted it to be moving and somehow interactive. Now you can change the speed and background color.

Move the mouse from left to right to make it Summer for the ants.