Witches on Friday 13th

Witches on Friday 13th always fly in formation.

See for yourself.

This morning I thought I know all to accomplish my idea easily today. Drawing the witches was easy. Finding out how to scale and translate correctly took more trial and error.

I had also planned trees or mountains for the witches to fly over. I thought if the trees move to the left the witches would look like flying to the right. Like you all know from film. No problem. Figuring out how to group the variables of the trees together to have different sizes of trees moving at once – too much for me today. I was discussing several solutions with my expert and to each one he said: “You can do this with an array.” And I was always like: “No array today, please.” I actually started reading, coding etc., but I can’t finish this in time to let the witches fly on Friday 13th. So they just fly really high tonight in front of a full moon.