Habit Half Way

Today is the day right in the middle of my seven weeks coding project for the Get Messy Season of Habit. So I thought I make something that looks back and forth. First I wanted to create a slider to run over the picture and change its color. But I couldn’t find a way how to implement that. Then I came up with the idea of the arrow pointing back and forth.

For the handwriting I searched for open and creative common fonts and found one called Firlefanz. This is my Instagram name – of course I had to have it! But it said “personal use only”. When I tried it in my code it wrote “demo” and a name or copyright in very small letters unter my coded writing. First I was annoyed and wanted to change the font.

Then I looked close and – it said the name of a friend from Get Messy, www.anke-art.de. Such a coincidence! I learned she had made 62 fonts so far, most of them “for personal use” if you don’t buy it. But I have a slight idea how much work goes into creating a font. At the moment I am not earning any money with this project, so I guess it counts as private use, but I will ask her.

Here is my “page”. Flip the arrow!