Blowing Winds

It’s Inktober and you find inspiration everywhere!

A friend made drawing of a playing wind creature which started a conversation between us. Something she said gave me the idea of a wind blowing a cloud around the screen – and of course it had to be two winds in a sporty „cloud fight“.

Only this morning I realized I had started a version of the classical Pong game made by Atari back in the early days of Arcade Games. I plan to do some more modifications: I have ideas for the design of the two winds and how to make the „game“ more difficult and fun to play. If you have any ideas or wishes, please tell me in the comments.

Go play it here. Just click on the side of the wind you want to be blowing.

4 Gedanken zu „Blowing Winds“

  1. I like it … gives you a „cosy“ feeling because it’s not „loud.“

    An idea perhaps? Looking at where I come from, maybe another kind of project idea is worth looking into. Why not develop a story, featuring a continuous and recognizable character and her adventures, which is „illustrated“ with coded art, with a new scene or chapter every other week or so? Just an idea.

    Keep on coding.

    1. Thank you! Good to know that „no sound“ makes it feel „cozy“ – hadn’t thought about that.
      I like your idea of a continued adventure. It could be interactive, but not like a real computer game.

  2. Oh … my fault.

    With „not loud“ I wasn’t exactly referring to „no sound“. I rather meant something along the lines of „not loud colours“, „not loud fast action“, and „not loud graphics fireworks“. So not loud lets you lean back and enjoy the clear shapes, colours, and clean layout of moves. Cosy! Like a wind chime.

    1. Thank you for explaining, Christine! It’s always good to hear how something looks like from a viewer’s perspective. I like to keep it simple – we have so many „wow“-effects in our lives already.

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