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The last few days I didn’t manage to code new things. I was working on the last sketch for longer than I had expected and that threw me off my rhythm.

Plus, I realized the functionality is crippled on a mobile phone. For example, you can’t click the brush from the last one if you watch it on a phone. I didn’t know you had to handle a click on a touchpad differently than with a mouse. So I fixed that now. I still have to check my older P5 sketches. And the images don’t scale to the mobile screen. Now I have to find a fix for that as well. The documentation on these problems is not very detailed though.

So I felt the need to just make something small and fun. I found one of my oldest sketches, done in the original Java-based Processing. I transferred it to P5.js and combined it with the torch-light from Mondrian.

Here are all my journals – looking just like the real ones.