Shake the Snowman

This snowman idea turned out quite differently than I had planned. I wanted to let it snow on him, when you shake the bubble. But I need to figure out how to tilt the bubble and how to confine the snowflakes inside the bubble.

Both is more than I can manage today.

But you can still shake him!

Save the Mermaid

Yippie – I made the first little game since my „Castle – Feed the Bat“ game. And this one even counts the lives of the mermaid and displays a „Game Over“ screen.

It is not quite finished though. I would like to make it more difficult by adding more than one shark. And in the beginning I want a „Welcome“ screen that explains what to do. And the ultimate goal is to get it to run on my mobile. Then I have more than one game to shove under peoples‘ noses to explain what I do here.

Help the mermaid to avoid the shark here!

Pie or Pi

Sometimes I get small stupid ideas and think it would be good to realize them (on paper, in code…). So while trying to learn about trigonometry and sine, cosine and arctangent I got this PI / Pie idea from listening to Dan Shiffman’s explanations.

By the time I had placed all the cherries a good confectioner would have baked the cake 🙂

Nothing moving this time.

Tropical Fish

I feel the need for vacation – so I coded some nice fish and edited out all the plastic from their ocean.

If I don’t code enough every day I start to lose my progress really fast. This one was supposed to be an easy one and even this was hard for my brain in some parts – after watching too much Youtube.

Need vacation too?

Spooky Door

The inspiration for this sketch came from one of my childhood books – a young ghost is sent to a spooky castle with a very old ghost to learn how to be frightening. A part of being spooky involves a creaking door.

I wish I could achieve the look of a children book’s illustration with Processing, but that is a future plan.

Yesterday I designed the ghosts walking through the door with proper opening and closing times. Today I added the sound of the creaking door.

Turn the sound on for this!

Write your own Text

Okay, it took me two days to figure that out – again. My ideas are too complicated, but I don’t want to give up on them. I just thought I could add a text box for the user to enter a self-written text – quick and easy. Should be done in a few hours max. *piff*

Once I had understood how it all worked together and had all the small mistakes eliminated, adding the different colors and fonts was quick and easy. Just testing if German „Umlaute“ (ä, ö, ü) would work and here we go.

Try it out.

Handwritten Text

For quite some time I wanted to create art journal pages in Processing. But an essential part of these pages is – the journaling. That meant faking handwritten text and even better – faking writing the text.

This sketch is an attempt to do so. It took quite a while to get the spacing of the text aligned with the writing pencil. But that was quick in comparison to debugging my code. I wanted to publish this 26 hours earlier! Today I was so frustrated searching for the mistakes and correcting them. My expert tried to comfort me („There are days like this!“) and he saw immediately what had to be done.

Here it is.

Old Ships

Since yesterday I am working on an idea, but I just can’t get it to run. It’s like I completely forgot everything and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Even copying code that looks like it’s doing the same thing doesn’t help. I am so stuck so here are some ships from four years ago, I just modified them to run on the web.